About us

The Electrical Wing, Tamilnadu is headed by Principal Chief Engineer (Electrical) and the present incumbent is Shri VP Gupta, PCE (E). We are a comprehensive service provider for necessary infrastructure in Electrical and Electro-mechanical Engineering which is prelude for the Telecommunication Systems of Tamilnadu Circle to flourish further. Our dedicated group of Electrical Engineers evinces interest and enthuses entrepreneurs to design and develop effective, cost conscious and energy efficient devices and appliances to suit the telecommunication needs of BSNL Tamilnadu Circle.

We also maintain Electrical and Electro-mechanical equipments, wherever assigned, very effectively.

We are also engaged in energy monitoring and conservation by optimizing the Electrical and Electro-mechanical services in order to minimize the operating cost as the energy bill constitute considerable portion of it. Presently, Energy Management and Energy Auditing is given prime importance and our users are advised to adhere to the guidelines given for individual installations, since the Electrical Wing is conscious to the adage that Energy Saved is Pure Profit.

* Energy Saved is Pure Profit * * Wastage of Energy Costs Earth * * Save Energy Save Environment * * Switch off the Electrical Appliances when not in use When leaving room * * Natural Light Ė Sun Light is FREE, use it * * Switch off the computers, when not in use A PC monitor left ON Wastes enough energy to Laser Print 800 Pages of A4 Size * * Switch off AC at Least half an hour before leaving office * * Encourage more and more people to save energy * * Save Energy Save Nature * * Service Your Electrical Equipments at Regular Intervals * * Saving on Electricity assures BSNL Prosperity * * Energy Conservation Nationís Foundation*

Our Vision

  The Tamilnadu Electrical Wing is committed to provide World class Electro Mechanical Services to its Customer with devotion.

Our Mission

Customer satisfaction, quality of service, cost consciousness and conservation of energy.